True Stories of Mission Accomplished

A middle aged Mexican man from Mexico City found AzMN on the Internet and flew the next night to arrive in time for the conference. His wife was diagnosed with Myeloma. His daughters didn’t come because they have trouble understanding English and are fearful of the disease, in denial and are distancing themselves. Barbara immediately took his hand and introduced the man to Dr. Munoz and Dr. Fonseca. The 2 Myeloma specialists who donated their time to speak at the conference spoke with the man at length in Spanish. Afterwards, we thanked the man for coming and hoped it was worth the long trip. He smiles shyly and held out a stack of myeloma booklets in Spanish! “I am blessed to be here and have learned so much” he said almost unbelievingly. “Now my daughters will read these, I can tell them what I learned and we have hope”. –Living with Myeloma Conference March 2015

A Father recently diagnosed with myeloma and not knowing much about “his” cancer brings his wife and daughter to an appointment. The oncologist gave the impression that he had ‘no chance’ to survive. The Father resigned himself to die. His daughter brought the family to our cancer caregiver’s seminar. Her comment at the end of the day “…you gave us hope.”—Cancer Caregivers Seminar April 2015 Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

A deaf woman reached out to us a few days before a cancer caregiver’s seminar. She was so determined to come and learn of resources and how to handle her husband’s terminal cancer. We immediately hired two interpreters for the hearing impaired and debriefed faculty before the session started. –Cancer Caregivers Seminar April 2015 Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

On a chilly morning in Feb 2014 a Father and Son were quietly sharing a light breakfast as they waited for the cancer caregiver’s seminar to begin. The heat of June 2014 brought us together again. This time there were 3: dad and two of his sons. Again they shared their experience. In Feb 2015 there were 4! We are grateful to the family for allowing us to share their strength and unity. –The England family unites for loving wife and mom. Cancer Caregivers Seminar Cancer Treatment Centers of America Feb 2015

Two strangers coincidently sat at the same table. They shared why they came. The 1st said “…my husband has pancreatic cancer…” the 2nd women stirred by the remark replied quietly “so does mine.” They shared a comforting pause before continuing an engaging dialogue. –Cancer Caregivers seminar Jan 2015 CSCAz

Our mission is to promote collaboration, awareness, education and advocacy for improved treatment and quality of life, for multiple myeloma patients, their families and ALL cancer caregivers with special consideration to the underserved.

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